Campus Information

McLaughlin Strickland Elementary

Campus History

Originally Webb Chapel Elementary, McLaughlin Elementary was constructed in 1959. The name of the school was later changed after the death of its first principal, Neil Ray McLaughlin, in 1967. McLaughlin also served in the school district as a teacher at Carrollton High School, assistant principal at Vivian Field Middle School, and principal at the old Farmers Branch Elementary School.

Dedicated in 2008, Nancy H. Strickland Intermediate School is named after former teacher and School Board Member Nancy Strickland. In 1961, Mrs. Strickland began her teaching career in CFBISD. She taught English and history at Vivian Field Junior High School. Mrs. Strickland also taught Spanish at R. L. Turner High School. In 1975, she transferred to Newman Smith High School and served as department chair until she retired in 1988. Because of her dedication to this district, its values and culture, the CFBISD Board of Trustees named this intermediate school in honor of Nancy H. Strickland.

Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, the campus will only be housed at Strickland and will be called McLaughlin Strickland Elementary.