Lunch with Parents

We know you are excited to enjoy lunch with your kids, and we love to share lunch with you. Our goal at McLaughlin Strickland Elementary is to provide a pleasant place where our students can enjoy lunch in an orderly manner. During the first weeks of school we are teaching cafeteria procedures and expectations to students, so we will not host visitors during the first few weeks of school. See the dates below for additional times we will not be hosting parents for lunch due to testing, etc. 

Please review the schedule to see when you can have lunch with your students.

In order to ensure that we have enough seats for all families, we have designated days for grade levels when you can visit.

image of sack lunch with apple and chocolate milk

Monday – 1st (11:00) & 4th (12:30)

Tuesday – Kinder (10:30) & 3rd (12:00)

Wednesday – Pre-K (10:00)                                             

Thursday- 2nd (11:30) & 5th (1:00)

Friday: No visitors

Please make sure that you are helping us out by following these procedures:

  • Visitors will need to bring their driver's license or a state-issued photo I.D. to sign in through the office. You will receive a visitor pass prior to meeting your child for lunch, so please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time to get your visitor pass which is required for the safety of all.

  • Please be sure that your visitor pass is visible for staff members. If you are not wearing a visitor pass, you will be asked to return to the main office.

  • Visitors who come to school to eat lunch will sit at the designated parent tables with their child only. Classmates may not join you and your child for lunch. The sharing of food with other students is prohibited.

  • Use this time to visit with your child and please refrain from using your cell phones.

  • We ask that visitors respect the cafeteria rules and the directives of the adult on duty. Older or younger siblings visiting for lunch must follow safe dining procedures.